Our Lip Balms

Comes with natural ingredients, our lip balm is top of the line when it comes to quality. Made only with natural ingredients, you can be sure that our products are safe and effective.

Unlike other lip balms who promises to repair and keep your lips moisturized but actually damages it so that you continue buying their products, our lip balms are actually repairing and moisturizing your lips.

We understand that lips are sensitive. Add to it the fact that they are constantly under pressure from eating, drinking, breathing, talking, etc. we need to ensure that we care and protect our lips properly.

Healing Powers!

You may experience chapped lips from time to time and its normal, but not paying attention to it is not good. It can lead to cracks and inflammation which can lead to infections.

Our lip balms are formulated to penetrate your lip skin and heal it from deep inside! By using our lip balms, you can rest assured that your lips will maintain that healthy vibrance while rejuvenating it from inside out. Unlike other brands that only coats your lips, our balms are actually healing your lips!

All Natural

We boast that we only use organic and natural ingredients on our lip balms. So while a little more expensive than other brands, ours are natural – we follow the right order of nature! We have our own honey bee farm supplying us with fresh beeswax which helps provide a natural layer of protection for your lip skin to help retain its moisture.

We also provide lip balms infused with virgin coconut oil and other natural oils that help keep your skin moisturized and protected.

Hydration and Protection

Our lip balms provide moisturizing effects especially for lips that are prone to excessive drying. We thoroughly test our products so that we have the best combination of hydration and protection as possible while keeping everything natural.

Get that Scent and Glow

While we try to keep ourselves nerdy about the formulation to achieve the best results, we never forget about the aesthetic part of our lip balms. Flaunt your kissable lips with our lip balms that not only moisturize and protect it but also makes it even more beautiful and alluring! Featuring different tints for different versions, you will never run out of choices! Each version of our product comes with at least four different tints!

If you like, you can even order custom made lip balms with the color/tint of your choice. Just know that you’d have to subscribe to our plan (that means we’ll bill you monthly) and we’ll send you your custom lip balm of your choice to your doorstep every 15th and 30th. Of course, you’ll get 10% off the regular price and the best is that it’s truly uniquely yours!

A Flavor to Love

We know. You’re now asking, what about the flavor? Just like our tint, we offer different flavors not only to keep you from having your food and drinks taste bad when wearing our lip balm but to also give you a fresh smell and breath. Just like our tint, each of our versions come with at least three different flavors.

Of course, you can also choose to subscribe to our plan to have a custom flavor and tint delivered to your doorstep every 15th and 30th of the month. Minimum 3 months subscription. Cancel any time after the 3rd delivery schedule.

Get Your Lip Balm Today!

Ready to have that lush lips? Ready to bring life back to your dry and barren lips? Contact us today and you’ll get 30% off your first purchase as long as supply last.