Our Lace Closures

Saaphyri Lace Closures are made with the finest materials so that you can achieve your great hair instantly without the need to go to your favorite hairdresser.

Get that look you wanted and needed for a particular event without having to permanently alter your current hairstyle. You never have to worry again about having to change your hair and hairstyle just for a particular event you’re going to attend.

We always face it. We’ve experienced it at some point of our lives. There’s this one-time event where you need to appear as gorgeous as you can, but that will require you to have your hair redone – you don’t want it! You just want a temporary solution, a temporary design for your hair! The answer? Hair closures.

What is a hair closure? It’s a hair extension where hair strands are tied in either lace or silk. Lace is more common and the type of what we have.

Our lace closures are a few inches wide featuring natural look on your head. We have either glue type lace closures or sewn in lace closures to fit your needs.

Fits Perfectly to Your Natural Hair

Our lace closures feature 100% human virgin hair and come with different shades and colors that will perfectly fit your natural hair. People won’t even realize that you are wearing hair closures if you use our products. We also offer custom orders that will be ready within three business days of inquiry. Our made to order products are carefully crafted to perfectly match your head size and shape as well as hair type. You will need to have a personal visit to our shop in order for this to be made. You can also send us high quality, bright light pictures and videos of your head if you prefer, although it might not be as accurate as an in-person visit. However, fear not as we never fail to achieve 95% accuracy in all of our custom works.

Lace Closures

Lace closures are smaller than lace frontals. We offer 4*4 lace closure for women. If you want to, you can also custom order silk-base closures, but we recommend lace based closures because it’s more comfortable to wear.

If you like to wear hair weave, lace closures will make it more natural as it will perfectly blend your natural hair and hair weave via the hairline area. We offer various textures from Indian, Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian and Malaysian lace closures and lace frontals. We also have free part, middle part and three part closures to choose from for better compatibility.

Lace Frontals

Aside from lace closures, we also have 13*4 lace frontals for women. Our lace frontals are thoroughly modeled to create ear to ear hairline that perfectly covers a larger area than our lace closures.

We have two options for you: we have either a sewn-in lace frontal or clip installed lace frontals. While lace frontals offer a better natural look, our frontals are made with care to make it more natural looking as if it were growing out from the scalp.

When to choose it? If you need a different colored hair than your natural hair color, lace frontals are a perfect choice. This is perfect if you want to try on a new hair color first before committing to dying your natural and real hair with one. It’s also perfect for special events and occasions where you’d want to have that bombastic look to attract the attention of everyone.

Get Yours Now!

If you are interested in our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us now! We have ready-made lace closures and lace frontals and we also offer custom weaves for special needs and more accurate replication or fit to your hair.