About Saaphyri

Inspired by Saaphyri Windsor, Saaphyri.com is selling lip balms and hair closures. The owner of this website, Celine Myers and Jonathan Myers are big fan of Saaphyri. They’ve seen her shows and TV appearances and tried her products and they were impressed. Her can do and never give up attitude are one of the inspirations why they decided to start this website.

While the main focus of the site is to offer top of the line white label lip balm and hair closure products, we will also be created a blog where we outline different strategies for keeping yourself appear beautiful and gorgeous at all times. We believe that first impressions are very important for any kind of scenario. Be it date, business, meeting new people, or whatever, a person’s first impression of you last and depending whether you have a good first impression or not, you may or may not get something in return.

You see, if you always make a good impression at all times, you automatically open up new doors as well as opportunities. Even if you, for example in a business meeting, didn’t get the attention or approval of someone else, if you gave them a wonderful first impression, you already have an advantage. For example, perhaps your skills doesn’t perfectly fit for a certain position, but if you have a great first impression, the person you had a meeting with might do everything they can to find you another position in their company that perfectly fits your skills. They wouldn’t want to miss a person who can create a good and lasting first impression as you!

Saaphyri Windsor is our idol!

Now let’s talk about our site’s name. Why choose Saaphyri? No, we are not trying to ride her bandwagon. We just found Saaphyri as a great name. It sounds like sapphire isn’t it? And sapphire is a beautiful rock that has withstood the tests of time.

Are you ready to experience our products? Then, don’t hesitate to contact us today!